Getting Perfect Smile during COVID-19

Perfect Smile Covid

The whole COVID-19 epidemic has caused some difficult changes in everyday life for most people: everyone is required by law to wear a facemask, people are required to be six feet apart at all times, and different areas of the country and the world have strict travel and dining restrictions. However, not all hope is lost! Dentists are available to treat your tooth pain and orthodontists, like myself, are working tirelessly to help patients achieve ideal smiles. 

During these unprecedented times, when a majority of the population is required to work from home, there is no better time to start your orthodontic treatment than right now. Orthodontic treatment typically ranges anywhere from 12-30 months, all depending on your bite, crowding, and other factors that tie into your treatment. Call your orthodontist to schedule an orthodontic consultation and figure out which treatment is best for you!